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    Dear Croma Customer,

    welcome to the Croma is More Virtual Academy! 

    Croma is more than just your supplier - Croma is your partner! 

    We want to support you during these challenging times and make sure that we provide you with valuable content and insights from the brightest minds and industry leaders in both medicine and business!

    Below you can find an overview of our upcoming Croma Webinars. In order to meet your individual needs, we will offer webinars on a variety of different topics throughout the next weeks! 

    • Update from Croma

    • Week 6 - HA Fillers / Update from Croma

    • Week 5 - HA Fillers / Skincare

    • Week 4 - Anatomy / Lips / Lipofilling

    • Week 3 - Complication Management / Re-opening Post-Covid-19

    • Week 2 - The week of Social Media Management

    • Week 1 - Covid Crisis Management / Facial Anatomy